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5 Reasons to Visit the Flint Farmers’ Market-Genesee County Gems

Things to do in Genesee County Flint, Michigan Flint Farmers' Market

If you live within 30 minutes of Flint and you haven’t gone to the Flint Farmers’ Market yet, stop what you are doing and put it on your calendar.  You are missing out on some local goodness.

And I don’t want to hear your excuses because I have heard so many excuses from people who live just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Flint?  (Yes.) What about the water?  (Brand new water infrastructure in the new market. Lead free. Regularly tested.) What about the crime? (This area is being revitalized through the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation.  It’s vibrant and lovely and the people are too. Put on your big girl pants and give it a try.)  I can’t navigate the city.  (Ummm…Ask your friend Gertrude Patricia Smythe to help you out. She helps me find my way to lots of places.)

Okay now that you have no more excuses, mark your calendars for any upcoming Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.  It’s only June, so you have can definitely make time in your life for this little excursion this summer.

Now to the reasons. I’m giving you five because, well nobody needs more than a handful of things to juggle.  Also high FIVE for home is my blog, so I am keeping with the theme.

Flint Farmers' Market Things to do in Genesee County

My V and my cute little cousins at the Market a few years back

Numero Uno-Support Local Business

This is important to me.  Entrepreneurship is what started this country and it is what will keep it thriving. If you want to see a community stay healthy, you need to spend your money there. Plain and simple. Flint is close to my home and I want it to succeed.  I feel good when I shop here. I know that the couple who runs Willow’s Garden Juice Bar, is working hard to provide for their family and their business is also their passion.  Just ask them about it when you buy a smoothie or raw juice.

I like to buy my perfume roll on from Franklin at The Local Grocer.  He is one of the kindest people I’ve spoken with and the last time he didn’t have my perfume at the market so he called to his brick and mortar store nearby to have one set aside for me to pick up.  That is customer service you don’t always get when you shop the big chains.

Check out the entire list of vendors that are inside the market and don’t forget that the pavilion outside has local farms and other seasonal vendors with their produce and other products waiting for you to take home May-October.


This is also important to me.  I have a passion for local food and teaching children and families to eat healthy. I don’t have much time to get personally involved with organizations that reach out in this way. But when I support the Flint Farmers’ Market, I know I am helping sustain organizations that support these initiatives.  One of the best ways to fight the harmful effects of lead is through healthy food.  The Market makes it a mission to provide good food and teach the local community how to cook it.

#3-Family Fun

There is a lot to see at the market and there is something for all ages.  It is colorful and exciting.  The Flint Children’s Museum sponsors a play area with a silo and dramatic play for farming.  There is a small climbing wall and some toys available for purchase.  V and I love to grab a cider slushy from Porter’s Orchard or a Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.  I like talking to V about the different veggies and fruits and just letting her climb and play and dance in the sunshine.  Sometimes she picks out a new or tried and true veggie and we chop it up together at home.  I like to remind her that all of our healthiest foods come from the earth and it’s best to eat foods that are close to home.

Flint Farmers' Market Things to do in Genesee County

Climbing fun n the kids’ play area


I have had very few middle eastern foods in my life besides the typical hummus and spinach pie.  So when I had my very first chicken shawarma from this restaurant at the Flint Farmers’ Market, my taste buds fell in love.  First of all, the smile you get at the counter from Sam is awesome especially since he is clearly busting his rear end greeting patrons, taking orders, and ringing up customers purchasing items from the grocery portion of his business. Then you get this delicious food served with that smile. If you don’t get anything else while at the market, at least grab your lunch here.  I have tried a few different things on the menu now and am happy to be expanding my tasting horizons.

#5-Summer Saturdays

Summer Saturdays at the market are just plain fun!  There are local artists and musicians playing in the courtyard area. Local businesses set up tables and hand out free stuff.  V has had her face painted, received balloons, funny paper hats, and stickers just for walking by.  And I love chatting up the artists and finding out about their craft.  If you aren’t like me and don’t feel like talking to anyone, that’s cool too.  You can just get smiles from just about anyone you walk by.

Sweet V is dancing to the band with her balloon in hand!

If you are nervous about going solo, grab a friend or message me because I always love to meet up at the Market!  Be sure to take some cash along, but most places accept all major cards.  There is an ATM there if you need it.  Also clean bathrooms and places to just sit and chill if needed.

If you are looking for some good vibes in your life, grab your fam and head over.  You will not be disappointed.  All the smiles and the positive energy flowing through will definitely lift your spirits so you can spread some love in your home! When you are finished, head over to Applewood Estate for some more outdoor fun in the sun!

The Flint Farmer’s Market is great and going during Michigan summer is even better!  High five for home!


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