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5 Things To Get Rid Of This Summer

5 Things To Get Rid Of This Summer

School is out all over Michigan. We barely had spring. That doesn’t matter anyway, because Michiganders put on their flip flops and tank tops first sign of sunshine and temps over 65! We are ready for summer!

But we still have a few days before it is officially here.  You can get prepared with me and follow these steps of what to eliminate from your home before summer.

  1. Winter/Fall Clothes From Last Year You Didn’t Wear
    This won’t take long if you stick to this hard and fast rule. If you (or your children should you be doing the clothing swap) didn’t wear it at all last season, it is done. So what if you think you will lose weight and fit it. Live in the now. If it doesn’t fit and you didn’t wear it last season, it goes in the donate pile. No questions asked.

    Now what you do with this pile is on you.  Find a local Foster Closet or Kids in Crisis Center. Many of them accept adult sizes. Drop it at Goodwill if that is your thing. Pass it down to relatives. It doesn’t matter. Just purge and then get it out of your home.  Don’t drive around with it in your trunk for 4 months. You need room in there for your summer fun stash!

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  2. One Bad Food Habit
    Overhauling health for middle aged moms is tough. We are at a point where we are probably in food survival mode with the littles. Our maybe we are running to 1 bazillon practices and carpool drop-offs during the week. Now matter what is happening, it is hard to change all of the meals and get healthy all at once.  And any great destination is arrived at one step at a time.

    So think of one bad food habit you can change for the summer. I have a few I am tossing around at the moment. I got into a bad cereal habit this school year. I eat it for way too many meals.  I could cut out those delicious iced coffees that I waste my money on and start making them healthier and cheaper at home.

    But I think, since I have more time to plan in the summertime, I am going to avoid eating on the run. It’s not hard to pack a lunch for the beach or park. Although convenient, drive through food is not good for me or my Sweet V’s growing body.  It will also prevent me from adding on the iced coffee.


  1. Toys
    Look around your kids’ bedrooms or play rooms. What are they not playing with? Now think of what they actually spend their time doing?  Set those things aside. Purge all of the broken toys, Turn off your sentimental heart. Stop justifying 3 of the 4 Ninja Turtles and the 29 Barbies and the squashed plastic play food and the baby board books when your child is 9. Get rid of it. All of it. If it isn’t in good condition throw it away. Take the rest to donate and don’t look back.  End of story.
    get rid of toys what to get rid of this summer

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  2. School Year Mess
    That pile. The one where all of the school papers have been stacking up and the other pile of cute artwork you think you are saving for the graduation party…You know what I am going to say. Get rid of it. My mom just gave me a huge box of childhood treasures. The artwork barely made it. The few little handprints and really amazing drawings are safe in an actual album of sorts and if that is where you are going to put things from that pile THIS ACTUAL WEEK, then you can keep them. If not…Recycle it or start the first bonfire of the year and roast s’mores with the reading logs you forgot to sign and give back to your kiddo.
  3. Bad Body Image
    People say you only live once, but I always correct them and say that you only die once. You get to live every day. And every day that you get is a true gift. So don’t wait until you lose weight or whatever the “thing” is going through your head that needs to happen comes to fruition. Your children want you in the pool or lake or ocean.  Wear your swimsuit. Wear leggings. Wear a tank top. Wear whatever you want and who cares if you don’t look like a Kardashian. We only have this moment, so live it the best you can.

    We can get bogged down in life with too much stuff, too much bad food, and too much stinkin’ thinkn’. Less is always more. Unless it is love. You can never have enough of that.

This is not my best weight or confidence level, but I didn’t pass up an adventure for bathing suit insecurities. Get out there!

So start by loving yourself. Then love the people around you. Then love the home you are blessed to have. Fill it with less stuff and more happy moments.

Getting rid of stuff is good. Having more time to enjoy life is great! Keep making your house a love filled home!

High five for home.



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