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Are You Pouting or Planting? Part 2

Are You Pouting or Planting? Part 2


These flowers remind me of spring.  But this next picture is more what my spring is looking like.


It is plenty of reason to pout if you have been dreaming of the sun.  So I sit here on my snowy, icy, rainy, cold spring break and I have had a few moments where I have asked myself why I live where spring break is snowy, icy, rainy, and cold. The old Kendra would be pouting big time.  But current Kendra is practicing her planting.  I am tackling my home and the closets! Oh the closets! I have been hanging with The Bonus and Sweet V, and feeling grateful when the sun actually shines.   I’ve reflected on the ways I have stopped my pouting and started to plant my life in Genesee County, Michigan.

  1. Plant Seeds in My Marriage

    Through all of the ups and downs of life, marriage started getting really tough. Outside circumstances put a huge weight on our lives together. I am a mover and a shaker and life felt stagnant and motionless. After a ton of prayer and advice from some great friends who knew me to the core, I just started moving and shaking in my marriage.  I started to put my husband first before my own fears and doubts of life. This looks different in every marriage, but in mine it was simply to be emotionally present after a long and tiring day and grateful for what we had. It also meant that I devoted time in prayer for him and our marriage. I know God helped me to understand my husband better, He has given me patience and hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. We are working as a team and making goals together.  I feel more content in my day to day life and reconnected to the person that dreamed along with me in the hammock on our honeymoon.

  2. Plant Seeds in My Children and Home
    Being a mother to an infant was suffocating to me…Maybe one of the reasons I lived in my goals and dreamland.  The everyday tasks of motherhood, while working and trying to keep a happy marriage seemed mundane compared to the amazing life I had imagined in grad school.  The same effort I put forth focusing on my future had to also be put forth to my children and home if I wanted to remain true to the person God designed me to be.  The more I focus on and pray for my two awesome kids, the better I start to understand who they are.  I’ve realized that my Sweet V needs a lot of hugs, quality time, and forced downtime to guide her intense exuberance toward life.  I’ve realized that The Bonus needs a ton of quality time and words of encouragement to help him find drive, passion and pursuit of the life God has planned for him.  Parenting the way my kids need to be parented is an important task.
  3. Plant Seeds in My Friendships

    God has placed so many wonderful women in my life.   I feel so grateful for the people around me, but I don’t think they even know because my friendship skills are built on plenty of good intentions.  I don’t send the cards.  I don’t return the calls.  I turn down the girls’ nights.  I leave a lot of things unsaid.  It’s not because I don’t like these wonder women, it’s just because after the day is done, I just really, REALLY, like my hubby and being home.  A lot.  But, I am trying to be a friend who cares and who takes the time to chat, drink coffee, meet up with our kids and go deeper than the busyness of life typically allows.  Growing and learning from other women make me better.

  4. Plant Seeds in My Faith

    I have always believed in God, but I never really thought God believed in me.  Being a mom reminds me of His love for us even when we are completely blowing it because I love my kids no matter what they do.  I knew I had to start exploring my faith beyond Sunday at church. I started following strong, women of faith on social media.  I joined a women’s Bible study on a Beth Moore book and began journaling at the same time. I committed to a daily devotion with the First 5 app on my phone and  IPad so I would spend my first 5 minutes of the day (and then some) focused on God’s promises for my life instead of Facebook, email and Pinterest.  My prayer life is growing and my overall attitude is better.

  5. Plant Seeds in Myself
    I recognized that I had neglected myself, so dreaming big dreams was a way to “start over.” I am trying to take care of myself right now.  I am reading the books sitting on my shelf and on my reading list.  I am going to a local yoga class and have been taking the time to relax in a bath a few times a month.  I watch a few mindless shows on Netflix and I don’t beat myself up about the little things because I know this is a season of growth for me and I am forming new habits for a healthy future.
  6. Plant Seeds of Balance

    When you are planting so many seeds at one time, it is important to remember to water them and give them the right amount of sun.  But not all plants need the same attention.  I have to focus my attention where I am needed the most each day. Sometimes that is on others and sometimes it is self-care. But always a balance.

Planting these seeds and ordering the care of them is changing my daily life and helping me see my purpose more clearly.  There is no way that if any of my dreams came true from Part 1 that I would be in the condition to properly pursue them and be successful.  But with the work I am doing to plant right here in the place I am in today, I can see how God is unfolding the plan for my future and I am so grateful and excited for what is yet to come. My sunshine, nonprofit, stay home, dream just might be on the horizon and I will be ready. Life is good.  High five for home!

How are you planting seeds in your life right where you are at?  Leave a comment to encourage someone.



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Kendra is a full time elementary teacher and mommy to a sweet and sassy 7 year old. She poured her heart and soul into her classroom and earning her graduate degree before becoming a mom and has spent motherhood trying to find a way to balance career and home and appreciate the journey while doing it. She’s a lake loving, ranch on pizza, pop can recycling, map on her hand Michigan girl! This momma never learned how to play euchre, but you can find her making a pretty long list, reading a book, or planning her next adventure in America’s high five! High five for home!

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  1. Carol
    April 6, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    Hopefully I am planting seeds in my children still at home and maybe encouraging younger moms to cherish their time with their kids, because I speak from experience when I say “time truly flies”. So try not to sweat the small stuff. From a mom whose kids range in age from 7-15, and a 25 year old :))

    • Kendra
      April 6, 2016 / 9:03 pm

      Oh you are! You are an inspiration and your kids are awesome!

  2. April 13, 2016 / 5:55 pm

    I’m so appreciating your perspective and vulnerability – keep it up!

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