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Soul Soothing Strawberry Fields Forever/How Picking Strawberries Picked Up My Summer Spirits

Soul Soothing Strawberry Fields Forever/How Picking Strawberries Picked Up My Summer Spirits

It’s the second calendar day of summer and the fourth official day of summer vacation for this teacher.  After the last three weeks of little sleep, planning a 5th birthday for Sweet V, preparing the end of the year magic for my littles, closing out a classroom, and attempting to make Father’s Day a tad special, you can only imagine the condition of my household, the condition of the laundry, and the condition of my frazzled and worn down spirit for lack of time for connecting with the Big Guy and the hubs. Yesterday was the first day of summer and what should have been an unofficial party for me. But due to external forces of life situations and bitter people beyond my control #weallneedalittlemoreJesus, the summer solstice brought a dismal feeling in my soul.

I cried. I pouted. I argued with God about crappy people and how unfair life can be sometimes.  I laid on my pillow praying until I fell asleep and woke up to another day.  But this day I was determined to enjoy no.matter.what.   So I did.

I took Sweet V to FREE day camp at a local church. SCORE!  And spent all morning catching up on laundry.  I felt better just accomplishing what needed to be done.  Then moments before I had to go pick her up, I decided we were going to pick strawberries.  I quickly packed a lunch and headed out the door.

I was going to skip the strawberry picking this year, but with all the talk of the strawberry moon last night, I felt a bit spontaneous. And I can be spontaneous because it’s summer and I am a teacher so… off we went to Spicer Orchards (which is totally worth the drive) for a mommy/daughter date and out to the fields.  I couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about our first time strawberry picking here.

http://www.spicerorchards.com/ Spicer Orchard Fenton, Michigan https://highfiveforhome.com/

Berry picking baby!

http://www.spicerorchards.com/ Spicer Orchard Fenton, Michigan

I miss those piggies!

http://www.spicerorchards.com/ Spicer Orchard Fenton, Michigan

Customary pic in front of the sign



Then I remembered a journal entry I wrote about this exact day.


I love nature. I have always felt most at peace when I am outside. Maybe it is because I grew up in the country and spent a lot of time outside. I remember camping with a bunch of friends one time. We were on a beach on Lake Michigan and everyone was laughing around the bonfire and having drinks. I stepped away to walk along the shore. As the laughter of my friends grew farther away, I climbed a small dune to sit and watch the sunset. I glanced back and saw my friends throwing Frisbees, eating hotdogs and talking and I remember thinking to myself that God made this playground for us. He put this sandy shoreline here and paints this picture across the sky each night for us. The beauty of that sunset drew me closer to Him. In the middle of a party filled weekend with friends, God pulled me close to Him and reminded me that everything I need to be happy has been here since the dawning of time. 

Today I picked strawberries with my baby girl. I had a blast watching her eat them instead of putting them in the box. As we walked along the rows eating and picking, once again God pulled me close to remind me that everything I need He made. When I need to reset…watch a sunset. When I need to recharge…walk barefoot in the grass. When I need to smile…listen to the birds sing. When I need to feel accomplished…dig into the earth. When I get a sweet tooth…eat a strawberry.

Thank you, God for a glorious day on Your earth, eating Your strawberries and enjoying some time with the baby girl You gave to me! Life is good.

Hay ride fun!

On her way….


Even a broken shoe 5 minutes in couldn’t keep me down today!

She found a good one!

I think it was the first time I wrote down the phrase “life is good” and you know what…it truly is.  I am surrounded by the incredible beauty of Michigan everywhere I go.  I can focus on the crap life throws my way, or I can focus on what is still good and fair and right with this world.  God slapped a high five right at 44.3148° N, 85.6024° W and darn it if it isn’t one of the best creations He made, I am not sure what is. I live 20 minutes away from a perfect piece of U pick paradise and family fun. Carpe diem! So again, thank you God for another glorious day on Your earth, eating Your strawberries and enjoying some time with the baby girl You gave to me! Picking strawberries picked up my spirits and reminded me of the good in front of me.  Life is good. Michigan is GREAT.  Keep making your house a love filled home.  High five for home!

https://highfiveforhome.com/ http://www.spicerorchards.com/ Spicer Orchard Fenton, Michigan

Mommy dates and and strawberry faces rock!

Full bucket for V and full heart for mommy!

And just in case you are humming and need your Beatles fix…you’re welcome.

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