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The Best and Easiest Thing to do with Summer Strawberries

The Best and Easiest Thing to do with Summer Strawberries

It’s late June and the strawberry season is coming to an end, but I see some friends are still managing to gather flats of summer goodness.

I have a friend who went strawberry picking this week.  20 lbs to be exact! She is a domestic queen because this is what she made from her pickings:

4 dozen strawberry muffins
1 dozen homemade popsicles
15ish sorbet cups
4 dozen chocolate covered strawberries
14 jars of strawberry jam

I on the other hand, left my berries on the counter in the green sand bucket for one and a half days.  I walked by and noticed they smelled wonderful and decided I needed to do something quickly or I was going to lose them all.  I did what my mom taught me so long ago.  It’s not canning.  It’s not baking.  (Although she did teach me to bake.)  It’s the easiest thing ever.  Ready for the recipe?  Please note in the photos, that you can make this recipe with a mess of Star Wars church camp papers, an iPad, phone and other random things on your counter.

Ain’t nobody got time to clean up before chopping the berries!

Yoda paper plate is reminding me to be the light to the world.










Best Thing Ever To Do With Your Summer Strawberries

Step 1:  Wash the berries and eat a few.
Step 2:  Slice the strawberries and discard the stems.
Step 3:  Place them in a bowl and stir in 2 generous spoonfuls of sugar.
Step 4:  Cover and place in refrigerator for a minimum of one hour so the berries juice up in their sweet deliciousness.

The last step is the best step….

Chocolate chip pancakes!

Step 5:  Now that your strawberries are perfect, spoon over top of  homemade biscuits or chocolate chip pancakes-both of which are semi homemade from Bisquick.   You can also spoon over top of your favorite flavor of ice cream.  But no matter what, don’t forget to put a dollop of Cool Whip on top!


If you made way too much, you can pour some into quart sized freezer bags and freeze flat for another time.


She wouldn’t stop eating to smile and I think she was annoyed I was interrupting her meal.

Maybe you are a single working mom who spontaneously decided to go pick strawberries on your only day off and they are sitting on your counter like mine.  Or you are like me and went picking more for the experience and less for actually having tons o’ strawberries.  Either way, you might want to try this because it is quick and easy.  And don’t forget to take a selfie of you with your brood enjoying your little piece of summer!  I didn’t get a selfie, but I did take a random pic of Sweet V eating a breakfast just about as sweet as her.  This is an easy way to bring some summer love to your family.

Life is good!  Michigan strawberries are great!
Keep making your house a love filled home. High five for home.



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