high five for home

About Me

Hi! I’m Kendra.  A Michigan mom, teacher, and dreamer trying to balance it all.  I love Jesus, cooking, music, reading, Pinterest, entertaining, nature and the Michigan summers on the water.  High Five for Home was birthed after a hard season of marriage and parenting. I had to reflect inward on the only person I could control….ME! 

I’ve lived most of my life in Michigan and spent my 20’s and early 30’s searching for home. I finally found it right here in Genesee County, Michigan.  I have lived in 14 different places from Romeo to Sandusky, Ohio and Port Huron to Kalamazoo. Every Michigan winter I dream of living a life south of the snow.  But I have finally figured out that my faith, family, friends and fun are in my own backyard. I am going to bloom where God has planted me here in the Mitten State.  America’s high five.

I have always dreamed big dreams and missed too many moments longing for something more. This blog is my journey on how I am gowing my faith and finding home right where I am at. It’s my effort to bring hope and happiness to those around me.  I will never stop dreaming big, but I am now convinced to be content I need to look no further than where God has placed me for that moment. If you live by me in Genesee County or far away, I hope you will be inspired through this blog and journey along to find home. High five for home!